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Emily Dickinson Library Series Painting


Imagine if your favorite old library book were a landscape painting, complete with scribbles and torn edges and rough treatment from being in the stacks for decades. 


This rustic landscape is inspired by the sentiments of poet Emily Dickinson, as if a volume of her beloved poetry were a landscape. As she often wrote about nature in her poems and her correspondence, the setting is apt. Her name is imprinted within the composition, and a quote of hers is etched into the painting, reading, "How strange that nature does not knock, and yet does not intrude!”


Painted with cold wax and oil on a wood panel, the piece measures 8" x 10.25" and is 2" deep. The sides are painted with a gray-matte finish. It is fitted with a sawtooth hanger and is ready to hang. With its depth, the painting would do well displayed on a shelf as well.