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National Poetry Month—My Contribution

Updated: Mar 26, 2023

Sometimes I am a poet. It’s probably fair to say I am always a poet, but I do not always write poetry and can take months off from the exercise before diving back in.

In honor of National Poetry Month, I give you The Man In the Moon. As with its sister book, There Is Poetry In Nature, this edition combines art forms by presenting poems alongside paintings from my studio, adding a visual to the verse.

AND, in honor of National Poetry Month, I’ll be presenting a live poetry reading on April 14 at the Foster Gallery, as part of its April gallery event. From 5–7 p.m., enjoy a light appetizer or a glass of wine, admire and possibly purchase artwork by local artists, and for a little while, listen to some poetry.

My poems are not avant-garde, they are not long and involved, and they do not involve word riddles that leave you puzzled. They do point to single elements of nature that remind me of my small place on the planet, they do reminisce enough to keep me tethered to my roots, and they do call attention to simple bits of truth I believe we all share. In them, I dream some, I wish some, and I hold leaves and memories and wind in my hand.

The Man in the Moon is available to purchase HERE.

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