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Duplicating My Favorites

This is one of my favorite paintings that I have created myself. It's oil and cold wax on a 16 x 20 birch panel. I qualify "favorite" here because, of course, I admire the work of great painters more than I admire my own stuff. I mean.... Anyway, of my work, this is at the top. I love it so much I decided to capitalize on its greatness and duplicate it in print form.

After doing a minimal amount of research, I selected for printed material, and I followed the simple process on their website for creating greeting cards. As with all printing, the more copies you order, the lower the price per unit, and as selling these things is an experiment, I opted for the minimum order of 25 copies.

I chose a white matte stock, blank interior, and my own logo on the back, and I am very pleased with the results. I am currently offering this, along with four other cards, for sale as a set in my Etsy shop.

When this blasted pandemic has been mitigated to a reasonable level, and I am once again comfortable with summer art markets, I'll offer them there, too. Confession—I got a little excited when ordering this card and went ahead and created three full sets of five different designs. Art markets need to be safe places very soon.

Not satisfied, I decided to go for prints as well, which is something I have never offered before. I chose a few of my larger paintings that are priced in the hundreds and sized them down to 8 x 10, had them printed on a cotton stock with a quarter-inch border and will soon have them in the shop—as well as ready for a market—too. I ordered just three copies of these paintings, and we'll see how it goes.

a fine art print available on Etsy
A 16" x 20" painting now an 8" x 10" print
fine art print available on Etsy
A 24" x 36" painting now an 8" x 10" print

My point is, while painting is the passion, and creating fresh, beautiful work is the goal, finding different ways to offer a particularly fine piece of work can only be a good thing.

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